Connection to AWS Redshift fails with "Error loading Keystore"

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  • Connection to AWS Redshift fails with "Error loading Keystore"

    Good morning everybody,

    we build a new data warehouse based on AWS Redshift (later on Redshift Spectrum). My problem is that the connection from Jedox to Redshift cannot established sometimes. It seems to me that the Tomcat service looses the "registration" of the jar-library with the JDBC drivers.
    Ok, we are running Jedox in an Windows environment; from my point of view that's a bad idea and may be the reason. I am moving our Jedox environment also into AWS and I am planning to use Amazon Linux AMI. Now my questions:

    1. Anybody else here with similar experiences with Tomcat/Windows?
    2. Any experiences running Jedox on Amazon Linux

    Actually I am runnig a test environment on Amazon Linux AMI 2018.03 with big data. I set up an etl track in integrator and build a cube. Everyting seems to work fine .....but it's always on my mind that Amazon Linux is not on the compatibility list of JEDOX

    Every advice ist welcome!

    Thx, Alex