Lifetime perspective

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  • Lifetime perspective


    We are working with business lines (you could call them also Units) that started at different points in time. We would like to be able to compare them from the lifetime perspective (for example, what was their performance in the first three months after they were launched).

    So the three relevant dimensions used are Date (on month Level), Business line, Measures.

    What is the best setup in order to achieve the desired lifetime perspective?

    Thanks and all the best,

  • hello,

    there are imho 2 ways to do that :

    0. a "client-side" way where you query in the spreadsheet the launchdate of the unit, and use this launchdate to make a query on the data (for instance sum of launchdate+1, +2 and +3)

    1. a more "server-side" solution where you pre-calculate the launchdate+3 as a measure, using for instance jedox integrator

    hope this helps!

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