Drilltrough - based on PALO.DATA formula

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  • Drilltrough - based on PALO.DATA formula

    Hi everyone :) ,

    Does anyone know if it's possible in Jedox webreports to get a drilltrough with shows only data based on the PALO.DATA formula ?
    As for now, I receive a drilltrough for the whole data set and not the filtered data.

    For example:

    In my report I show all new employees & employees who leave the company on a monthly base.
    Personnel data is not shown and only # is counted and shown in the report.

    Goal is to get a drilltrough on for example the people who left the company, where the end user gets to see who does 3 employees are (surname & fullname for example).

    Any idea's for this ?

    Many thanks already!

    Kind regards,