Decimal and thousand separators

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  • Decimal and thousand separators

    Does anyone know, if it is possible to set the decimal and thousands separators independantly from the general language setting?

    Currently we use English, which defaults to decimal separator "." and thousands separator ",". In my country we normally use the inverse however.
    Is it, like in excel and most other places possible to set this in Jedox separately from the general language setting?

  • If you mean by that, the seperators in Web-Reports, then yes, it is possible just like in Excel actually.
    Via Format cell and custom number format.

    Otherwise you can set the default language of the database in the modeller in the properties tab. I have never tried it yet. Would be interested however of the outcome.
    However, if I remember correctly, mainly the language setting in the group has an effect on that.
    So if you have a database with default language = English but the Groups have a different language set, then the latter one will be taken to show the number format according to the language.

  • @Bjoern.: Thanks for the response. I'm sorry to say, changing the language changes the notation. Doing custom formatting could be a workaround, however the implications are unclear. Even with custom notation we would usually still be forced to use the system notation while entering data - so I would probably think this could worsen the user experience.

    In Denmark we usually want english language with danish notation, and would appreciate if Jedox could support this!

    @Anita Galvez: I ran this question by the Jedox Support as well, and it seems to me that Jedox currently does not support this which is a shame.