Palo.Dfilter on cube WITH subset applied

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  • Palo.Dfilter on cube WITH subset applied

    We have nested Dynaranges to first show a 'reporting line', and to then give the end user the ability to expand to see values by account codes. Account Codes are not related to reporting line, so they are both dimensions of the cube used in the Palo.Data formula.

    The SUM(Palo.DataV()) that is displayed has two subsets used in it on dimensions of CC and Location (both set DFilters using a mapping cube back to 'Reporting Line' which is the first Dynrange).

    The issue is that when the user expands on ALL ACCOUNTS to account code it shows every account even with DFILTER applied. The issue seems to be that the PALO.DATAV has subsets applied, but the DFILTER used in the Account Subset doesn't have these same subset applied and just looks at the cube as a whole (rather than the slice shown by palo.datav).

    Is there a way to change the subset formula used in a dynarange? to replace an 'All Locations' in the subset formula with a subset on 'Locations'