Ideas to default to the current week going forward

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  • Ideas to default to the current week going forward


    I have a Dynarange where I show the weeks (I am planning in weeks not months).

    My Dimension for Weeks has all the weeks.

    In my Dynarange I would like to default to the start week for the Plan Version and then display 24 weeks going forward.

    I am looking for some ideas on how to accomplish this and also allow the user to select a week.

    Also I need to keep the previous weeks because I have older plans.

    Thank You,

  • You can add a counter attribute to the week elements. This way you can use an attribute filter in the subset on that counter attribute. Just add the number of weeks to the counter attribute of your selected week. So that your attribute filter is something like {"Conter", ">20";"Counter","<49"}.

    To get the start week of you version you could set the start week of that version as an "start week" attribute in your version dimension.
    In the report then just define the variable of your week combobox in the __open macro function.