Data from Spreadsheet -> Widget

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  • Data from Spreadsheet -> Widget

    Hey everyone,

    is there any way to get data for widgets from spreadsheet (or Dynarange).

    The "data part" of the widget looks like (screenshot):

    var chart = am4core.createFromConfig({ "data": [{ "name": "The first", "value": 600 }, { "name": "The second", "value": 300 }, { "name": "The third", "value": 200 }, { "name": "The fourth", "value": 180 }, { "name": "The fifth", "value": 50 }, { "name": "The sixth", "value": 20 }, { "name": "The seventh", "value": 10 }],
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    Emil Abdullayev
  • Hi !

    When you create a Widget on the source tab, you can select range. You can choose to point your range on something you know like dynarange or a range with all the parameter you want. You can also use a formula and use a Name(named range) to define your range more dynamically. You can also use a subset as source, you can just copy paste the dynarange's subset and here we go !
    To use the data in your widget you can use the array "params" on your js code.

    best regards
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