Unsupported evaluation error on GPU

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    • Unsupported evaluation error on GPU

      Hi, I have created this rule

      ['APR_Measures':'Interest'] = B:['APR_Measures':'Opening_Book_Value'] * (POWER(1 + ['APR_Measures':'Interest_Rate'], 1 / 12) - 1)

      to calculate the interest for a period. The rule calculates OK in the Excel sheet, but I see that it is creating an unsupported evaluation error message when I check the GPU.

      If I change the Power function to a fixed value then the GPU works fine, but I need this to be a parameter for the Account's interest rate.

      I don't know what is causing this evaluation problem. Can anyone help?

      I am finding my way through rules by self learning (a user since November, with TM1 background), so may not be able to cope with anything too technical (yet)!