Derive element from attribute

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  • Derive element from attribute


    Is there a formula I can use to return the element name given a attribute name?

    I have a dimension called Company in which the elements are company codes eg 1000, 2000. In the company dimension I have created an attribute called _CompanyId eg 1, 8 where 1 = 1000, 8 = 2000 and so on.

    When I import data my script retrieves the CompanyId and I currently use a vlookup and an Excel table to derive the company element.

    It would be nicer to maintain the _CompanyId attribute and use it to do the lookup. Any ideas?


  • RE: Derive element from attribute

    Hello aaronh001,

    There is no special formula, an attribute is ambiguous. With Paste View
    you can change the views between original element name and the attribute
    name so why don't you change the elements to the _CompanyId and v.v.?

  • RE: Derive element from attribute


    As Stephanie pointed out a attribute value does not need to be unique, while an element name is. This means that an element will have one value for the regarding attribute, while the attribute-value can be used for multiple elements. For this reason going back from attribute-value to element is not possible as the result can be a list of elements.

  • RE: Derive element from attribute

    Hi chayden,

    for example the Products Dimension of the Demo DB got one Attribute called "Price per Unit". You can retrieve the Elementnamens of the Products attribute by using PALO.ENAME. So here it is:


    Attribute dimension begin with #_ and end with _.

    To retrieve a value of an attribute you can use PALO.DATA to read the attribute cube like this:

    =PALO.DATAC("localhost/Demo";"#_Products";"Price Per Unit";"Desktop L")

    Attribute cubes begin with #_

    Hope this helps.