Execute an Integrator job with variables (using JEDOX REST API)

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  • Hi !

    I don't know how to do it but I think you should try one of those syntax :


    PHP Source Code

    1. $variables = array(array('name' => 'varPhase', 'value' => 'something1'), array('name' => 'varAnnee', 'value' => 'something2'));


    JavaScript Source Code

    1. vars: {
    2. varPhase: {
    3. v: 'something1'
    4. },
    5. varAnnee: {
    6. v: 'something2'
    7. }
    8. }
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  • JedoxSCW wrote:

    Hi All,

    Could someone share with me how/where to set the variables of a job while running it through REST API?

    I haven't found any information about it on the documentation below:


    Best regards

    PS: As for SOAP stuff that's clear ;)
    Thanks @Zarcoff
    Along with some other small adjusts I reached the running code for Jedox Rest API using variables ;)

    $execute_job_url = $_JEDOX['ETL_SERVICE_URL'].'/etlserver/services/v2/components/sampleBiker.jobs.default/executions/run?waitForTermination=false';

    $parameters = array('parameters' => [array('name'=>'variable_01', 'value'=>'variable_01_value'),array('name'=>'variable_02', 'value'=>'variable_02_value')]);

    $parameters = json_encode($parameters);

    $execute_job_options = array(
    'http' => array(
    'header' => array(
    "etlsession: " .$session_id,
    "Content-type: application/json",
    "accept: application/json"
    'method' => 'POST',
    'content' => $parameters

    Ivan Leitzke