How to retrieve all warnings at the end of a job or get all warnings from an already finished job ?

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    • I don't know how to use your rest web service integrator, but I see something in the url you send to me : "ExecutionHandling/getExecutionLog" I think ExecutionHandling is a class and getExecutionLog is a method. I'm okay with that, but I have a question : How can I get the jar that contains this class ? Because I need to understand how to call the methods directly in the groovy :) ! I think it's should be better.

      And if you want to retrieve all log from a PHP macro here's the code :

      PHP Source Code

      1. <?php
      2. function test()
      3. {
      4. return array(
      5. array(
      6. 'eval',
      7. "(function(){
      8. console.clear();
      9. function scs(res){
      10. console.log(res);
      11. }
      12. (new Jedox.backend.JRPCAsyncRqst('com.jedox.etl.mngr.Executions', 'getExecLogPaged', [{ doExport : false, page : '1', jobID : '765', logLvl : 'INFO', exportFile: 'log_test.txt' }])).setOnSuccess([this,scs]).send();
      13. }())"
      14. )
      15. );
      16. }
      17. ?>
      Display All

      with this function the log should appear in the console of your browser. or you can easily use them with some JS code that call another macro or something, possibilities are wide :) !
      Hello everyone if you are stuck and you can't post anything on this forum just contact and request for account activation ! You're welcome !