Change Font Size and Bold / Italic /Underline via MAcro in JEDOX Web

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  • Change Font Size and Bold / Italic /Underline via MAcro in JEDOX Web


    I create a dynamic sheet in JEDOX Web and I want to put some totals below. Dependend on some settings I cannot format the TOTAL line in advance, because with each call of the sheet it can be in a different line.
    Now I want to make this line bold and I have no idea how to do this.
    For the number format I useed

    This works perfect, but to set the cell in Bold, to underline it or set it to italics I haven't found anything.

    By the way - if someone knows how to set the background color via macro I will be very thankful as well !

    Thanks a lot in advance !!!
  • activeworkbook()->sheets('Main')->Range($range)->style = (put some css code here)

    example :

    activeworkbook()->sheets('Main')->Range($range)->style = "backgroud-color: #FFFF00";

    With CSS you can make anything : underline / bold / italic /color / background-color / border ... many many things, documents yourself on css code. It could be pretty useful.
    Hello everyone if you are stuck and you can't post anything on this forum just contact and request for account activation ! You're welcome !