Server Browser url fails

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  • Server Browser url fails

    The install is on a Windows XP SP2 from the latest binary; server (Palo 1.5.3 (1646)) and client are installed on the same workstation.

    Following the evaluation guide, I tried accessing the server via Server Browse option without any success. I believe the default url, localhost:7777 is wrong and should be something like localhost:7778. I made a few attempts at changing the .ini file and finally saw something in this forum: I added the following entry to the config file:

    admin "" 7778

    Now, when I explicitly enter localhost:7778, the Server Admin page appears.

    It seems to me that the default Windows installation needs these 2 changes:
    1. Add the additional line in the config file
    2. Change the url in the default page

    Then, as you follow the pdf evaluation guide, it works as documented.