Data import and size of LOG

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  • Data import and size of LOG

    good morning,
    seem to be the first one to use the forum :-). Nevertheless let's start...
    I have work with the 1b version quite extensively and there are a few question which became apparent:

    1. after an import of quite some data (2x app. 600 lines with 12 values - one for each month) the results can be shown in an immediate query BUT once I leave Excel the system seems to freeze for quite some time.
    I presume, thats the moment the database is written. The database eventualy is 9MB and the logfile 69MB - quite something. Is there anyway to limit the size of the logfile???
    2. Restarting Palo after such imports often results in an error in starting the connect to localhost.
    3. Is there a way to control the update of the database (not automatically written to disk) or even reverse an incorrect import?

    Otherwise the project is quite exciting and I am looking forward to know more about the system - great stuff :-)))
    regards from Hannover
  • RE: Data import and size of LOG

    Mitchener, thank you for your encouraging comments.

    As to 1, we are aware of the problem, there will be a solution for that soon.

    2: Can you please log that problem in the 'Report a bug' section on You will be asked a number of details which we need in order to trace the problem.

    3: I am not sure if I entirely understand what you need. Are we talking about data import, or about updates you made while working with Palo?

    Jedox Quality Assurance
  • hi Holger,

    just read your reply - here some explanatory notes.

    >>3. Is there a way to control the update of the database (not automatically written to disk) or even reverse an incorrect import?

    Presently I am working with an "ancient" version of an OLAP program (app. 10 years old :] ).
    After an import, the "Datacube in memory" is updated first and only when the Button "Save database" is pressed the import/changes etc. is/are written to the disk.
    This is quite a helpful feature, when you do regular imports and want to check in advance, if the figures are in balance, before the data is written to the disk.
    If the import is "crap" :rolleyes: a little button "clear memory" dumps the cube and reloads the disk version.

    re. the connect bug I try to find out in detail, why and when the described symptons are occuring and will drop a note in the bug report.

    Otherwise keep up the good work...
    regards from sunny and warm Han(g)over

    p.s: 20 degrees at the end of october - out of this world...

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