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  • First Connect


    i have problems connecting to the server !
    ## http interface with server browser and online documentation
    #admin "" 7777
    #admin localhost 7777
    #admin 7777
    #admin 7777
    #admin localhost 7770
    admin localhost 7778
    admin sdni05768 7778

    ## http interface
    #http "" 7779
    http localhost 7777
    http sdni05768 7777
    ## legacy port for Palo 1.0 clients
    #legacy "" 1230
    legacy sdni05768 1234

    I have a personal firewall on all PCs (including the server)
    so i made a rule for the server that allows
    communication to the server on ports 7777-7778 in both directions.

    but when i try connect a client from the excel-addin - i can't ..
    seems that the request from the client comes via different ports everytime
    i have logged the communication on my firewall (see attachment f.ex. 1772)
    but i traced it many times.. the ports vary from 1200 to 2100 ! (and i cant allow the complete tcp traffic !!)

    Any suggestions ?

    Regards thomas
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  • RE: First Connect

    Hello thomaslada,

    We did not specify an port for outgoing connections via the client
    but let the service provider choose one. It will be an unique port
    in the range between 1024 and 5000.

    Binding to an specific port number is generally discouraged for
    client applications since they might conflict with other applications
    already using that port.

  • RE: First Connect

    Hello Thomas,

    thanks for your input on this. we consider implementing this feature in some future version as a configuration option.

    if this is a show stopper for you, feel free to contact us directly or fill in a feature-request.



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