Connect to a remote server

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  • Connect to a remote server

    I have installed the Palo Client 1.5 Setup and the local Palo Server on my PC.
    Every thing works right.

    Now, I have installed the Palo Client Setup on another PC and I'm trying to connect this second computer to the server installed on the first PC.

    Could anybody explain me a step by step procedure to make work the connection to the remote server?
    I have read the Evaluation Guide (pages 25-31) but probably I make something wrong.
  • RE: Connect to a remote server

    Hello Stephanie,
    this is the content of the palo.ini file on my PC:

    verbose info

    log "C:\Programmi\Jedox\Palo\Log\PaloServer.log"
    http "" 7777
    admin "" 7778

    "" is the IP adress of the PC where I installed the Palo Server.
    The Data directory is in a shared in the network.

    The PaloServer Service on my PC is on, but it seem to read the "localhost" server on my PC, not the one at "".
    So, from Excel, I tried to register a new server using Palo Wizard: as server to be registered
    7777 as Port
    user as username
    pass as password

    When I check the connection, I get the error message: "Connection error to the server".

    What do you suggest to me?
    Thank you very much!

    Best regards,
  • If I understand this thread correctly, I need to add a line in the ini file that identifies the IP address before remote PCs can connect.

    I have the server installed on my PC. I stopped the server and added the following line to the palo.ini file:

    http "" 7777

    I restarted the server and on my PC added a new connection which worked right away. Now I'm trying to add another PC (I did it before in version 1.0c) but still get the error message. I think I'm close but is there anything else I need to do on the client PC?

  • Hello jgibbs,

    Originally posted by jgibbs
    If I understand this thread correctly, I need to add a line in the ini file that identifies the IP address before remote PCs can connect.

    The line you add is the interface and port the server itself listens.

    I restarted the server and on my PC added a new connection which worked right away. Now I'm trying to add another PC (I did it before in version 1.0c) but still get the error message. I think I'm close but is there anything else I need to do on the client PC?

    No, just register a new server and try to connect. What is the error message?
    Do you have a firewall running? Do you use the right connection data (user/

  • Hi Stephanie,

    I've added the interface and port number to the Palo.ini file as:

    http "" 7777

    I think this is correct as I was able to restart the server and add a new connection on my machine pointing to the location. The database is on my machine.

    Now I want to connect my boss to the server but I just get the message: Error connecting to server. I was able to do this with version 1.0c so I don't think it's a firewall issue. It's just a me issue ?(

    I've entered the same data in the wizard:
    Connection name: Server
    Port: 7777
    Username: user
    Password: pass

    I know it's going to be something silly but networks are not my strength.

    Thanks for the help!
  • Hello jgibbs,

    Do you mean you have connected with Palo 1.0c to Palo 1.5?
    (If you connect with Palo 1.0c to Palo 1.5 you must use the legacy
    port, which also must be listed in the ini file.) - Did you restart the
    Palo Server after changing the ini file (sometimes it could be so simple..)?

  • A good suggestion but not in this case. I uninstalled version 1.0c on my boss' computer and then installed 1.5. I have restarted the server. Here are my steps:

    My Computer (server)
    Uninstall 1.0c . Install 1.5 and convert 1.0 data.
    Stop server
    Change Palo.ini file - add line http "" 7777 (this is my internal address on the network)
    Restart server
    Now required to login to server to access database - I usually use admin/admin login but user/pass also works

    Boss computer
    Uninstall 1.0c
    Install 1.5 (client only, advanced control)
    Attempt to log-in to Server at Port 7777 with admin/admin
    No luck :(

    I only mention 1.0c because when the server was on that version, we did manage to connect remotely. So I don't think there is a firewall issue. I restarted the server and tried again. Here is the information from the log file:

    2007-05-10 11:39:39 INFO: got service control request 1
    2007-05-10 11:39:39 INFO: setting service status to 3
    2007-05-10 11:39:39 INFO: begin shutdown of service
    2007-05-10 11:39:39 INFO: beginning shutdown sequence
    2007-05-10 11:39:39 INFO: listener sockets closed
    2007-05-10 11:39:40 INFO: commiting changes to database 'PaloSvr'
    2007-05-10 11:39:41 INFO: commiting changes to cube 'GCFinancials'
    2007-05-10 11:39:43 INFO: read/write sockets closed
    2007-05-10 11:39:43 INFO: finished.
    2007-05-10 11:39:48 INFO: starting Palo 1.5.3 (1646)
    2007-05-10 11:39:48 INFO: http port '7777' on address '' open
    2007-05-10 11:39:48 INFO: starting service control dispatcher
    2007-05-10 11:39:48 INFO: registering control handler
    2007-05-10 11:39:48 INFO: registered system database 'System'
    2007-05-10 11:39:48 INFO: registered database 'Demo'
    2007-05-10 11:39:48 INFO: registered database 'PaloSvr'
    2007-05-10 11:39:48 INFO: system database not yet loaded, loading now
    2007-05-10 11:39:48 INFO: auto loading database 'Demo'
    2007-05-10 11:39:48 INFO: created CubeDimension
    2007-05-10 11:39:50 INFO: auto loading database 'PaloSvr'
    2007-05-10 11:39:50 INFO: created CubeDimension
    2007-05-10 11:39:51 INFO: starting to listen

    This is after attempting login from boss computer. There isn't any entry showing an attempt to log in. I can ping my boss' PC and my boss can ping my PC. Hope this helps.....
  • Hello,

    please open a new shell on the server side (start->run, enter cmd, return)
    enter the command

    Source Code

    1. netstat -anb -p tcp

    this will list all tcp connections/running servers on your server on all interfaces.
    palo should be listening on the interface you specified in your palo.ini. if it only listens on your loopback interface ( you will still be able to connect locally but not via a remote pc.

    try to manually open a connection to the server
    at the command prompt enter

    Source Code

    2. f.ex. telnet 7777

    if you get an blank screen you are connected with the server ... to find out for sure please enter the following:

    Source Code

    1. GET /server/info HTTP/1.1

    an press enter

    you won't see what you type. there is a way to enable local echo but if you think you might get it wrong, simply copy+paste into the console.

    if all went well, the server should respond with it's version information.



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  • Many thanks Florian, here's what happens:

    netstat - lots of programs listed (outlook, etc) and Palo is listening on the port specified

    telnet - I do get a blank screen

    Get - gives me this: HTTP/1.1 200 OK
    Server: Palo
    Content-Type: text/plain;charset=utf-8
    Content-Length: 12
    Connection: Keep-Alive
    X-Palo-SV: 16534

    So it appears everything is good. As I said in a previous post, I can ping the ip address from my boss' computer. Maybe I have to set up my boss' PC with it's own local server instead of client only mode? Maybe it just works better that way? I will try to find out but any other suggestions are very welcome!
  • Hi jgibbs,

    ok, so palo is responding on the server on the specified interface.

    I suppose up until now you did the testing on the server machine only?

    if so could you try the "telnet part" on the client machine also?

    if all is well you should get the same result.
    If this fails please try connecting via telnet with another client machine on your network to double check (if possible).
  • Hello jgibbs,

    The client installation only should do it, the server is not necessary.-
    What Excel Version do you use on your boss' PC ? Have you installed
    all patches (to make sure that the Addin works)? -

    Have you tried the same configuration on another machine?

  • Hi Again,

    I have tried a fresh install on a colleague's PC which is using Excel 2003. I didn't change any options except that I chose advance install instead of the standard. It updated to .net 2.0 and I accepted the patch updates to Excel. The process also installed some VC elements. The very last step I chose to manually start Palo instead of when Excel is started and chose to use advanced controls.

    The results unfortunately were the same. I cannot connect to the server. I can ping the address but I cannot telnet. I was reading a post by digganet where he changed the address in the palo.ini file from: http "" 7777 to http "" 7777 but this didn't work either. I don't think it's a firewall issue because I can ping the server. Any other clues?

  • have you tried connecting with another computer than your bosses or the server? it really looks to me like a network issue.

    being able to ping the server does not necessarily mean that you are able to open an TCP connection on that port on the server machine but only that ICMP packages are getting through

    maybe there was a (personal-)firewall, like zonealarm, installed at some point?

    can you configure the server to listen on port 80? make sure to disable any IIS or apache web servers and stop skype on the server machine, if installed.

    now please retry with telnet or the excel-addIn


  • Sorry for wasting so much time on this. I looked through all your posts and thought I should do the obvious and check the firewall. Palo is set up there but it was only allowing queries through port 1234!! X(

    I think that's the default for version 1.0c. So now all is well. You were right Stephanie. Thanks again!