Max number of users

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  • Max number of users

    I have read that it is suggested to install the Server only once you have several users wanting to access Palo from multiple locations at the same time.
    Has anybody esperienced which is the limit of users?
    I'm thinking to share my localhost with other three users. May I have better performances installing the server?

    Best regards
  • RE: Max number of users

    Hello Massi,

    The limit of users depends on the power of your server (especially RAM)
    and the amount of data the users use. - I would recommend you to
    use a separate server to have a better performance. But try it out on your
    local pc first, three users should be no problem.

  • RE: Max number of users

    Hello Stephanie,

    I have connected the three users to my local PC (512 Mb RAM).
    They are working at the same time with quite good performance trough the network. But my PC has become too slow. Maybe not enough RAM...
    After testing, I will move data to the server.

    Best regards,