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  • setdata-function


    I just want to write datas into the DB with the setdata-command.
    In one row i've got the datas, which should be checked before the values are written into the database.
    The setdata-formula contains a yes/no - query, to prevent that useless values are written.

    Now the prob: If I change the query to yes, the setdata-function takes over the values. One cell, which contains the data-function shows that the value is correctly written. But if I switch to No, because i would like to change f. e. the day, suddenly the cell with the data-function shows a completely different value (?). The value is not understandable!

    I would be very thankful, If someone could help!


  • RE: setdata-function

    Hi again,

    how do you do that in detail? I would suggest to do it for example like this:


    If you like, send me an example, I will try to find out what the problem is.

    Jedox QA