I need error codes for Palo server!

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  • I need error codes for Palo server!

    I install palo server, but can not found file "error.html" with error codes.
    I develope a programm. It use Palo server with http protocol. And i need to see this error codes.

    Other question:
    1. /dtabase/rename doesn't work (after attemp to rename status of database is "3" but in documentation there is no such status...)
    2. where can I use such requests as:
    When I must use "save"? All data save automatically without use this option...

    Can anybody help me?
    Forgive me for mistakes (I'm from Russia)...

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  • RE: I need error codes for Palo server!

    Hello GIPERION,

    You should see the "error.html" in the api folder
    (localhost:7777/api/error.html). Which
    version of the Palo Server do you use?

    To your other questions:
    1) We have to test that.
    2) The data is in the RAM of you computer and only gets
    explicitly saved by shutting down the server or if you
    save/load for example a database in particular. You can
    also unload databased to give free memory.