percentage of usage

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  • percentage of usage


    in the version 2.0 you can see some properties of the cube displayed of which one is the degree of usage in percent (German: Befüllungsgrad). As OLAP cubes are sparse by definition I just wondered if there is a percentage which would be optimum in terms of speed?
    Or otherwise: is there a percentage that should be avoided (like below 10^-15%) by all means?

    Maybe experiences from similiar products would also help to to decide this?

  • RE: percentage of usage

    Hello Mario,

    The Filled Ratio is the number of filled basis elements (n/s) (without the
    consolidated elements) to the number of cells (elements x dimensions).
    The Sales cube of the Demo database is a well filled cube with a high
    degree of usage. The filled ratio is relatively high, but this cannot be
    taken as a good factor for predict the speed as there are other factors
    are more influencing like the calculation of consolidated cells etc.

    Concerning your question of speed I would like to draw your attention
    to the palo.ini and the palo.ini sample. There's a new entry for the settings
    of the cache to be adapted to your data and your hardware.