Rules function stet

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  • Rules function stet

    As the Rules editor is embedded in the modeller I wanted to avoid to post everything in "General".

    Can somebody explain the meaning of STET? Can I understand "If a rule evaluates to STET, then the resulting cell behaves like no rule is existent for this cell " for consolidated cells that they simply perform the classical aggregation? What does it mean for N: leafes then?

  • RE: Rules function stet

    When a rule applies to a cell you can no longer input data in this cell, except when the rule that applies is STET(). This rule means 'act like no rule applies' and this makes the cell writable again.
    The idea is to use this in conditional statements where, based on some condition you want the cell to be rule calculated and when the condition is not true want to keep the cell writable.

    The rule ['C'] = IF(['D']=10, ['A']*['B'], STET()) calculates 'C' based on 'A' * 'B' when 'd' =10. When 'D' is not 10, 'C' is still writable, as if no rule applies to the cell.

    Hope this makes STET a bit more clear.