pasting data?

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  • pasting data?


    We've recently been testing (playing with) Palo and are very excited by its potential.

    Presently our users use existing spreadsheets to cut & paste into our consolidation spreadsheets, rather than re-typing information.
    When I copy and paste a raw number cell, i.e. 500.00 into a palo View, the PALO.DATAC(...) function is obviously overwritten and the cube isn't updated with the value.

    I've tried pasting by value, etc, with no luck.

    Is there any way of pasting into a PALO cell without overwriting the existing PALO.DATAC function?

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    Hi Kel

    I'm no expert with excel but I don't think it would be possible to paste your values into a cell which contains a formula since excel would loose the formula in the cell.

    If this is the case then there are still a few options...

    1) Send your users a template and then have a separate sheet which can write the values in - see the attached spreadsheet. You could even send them this spreadsheet since if they don't have Palo installed or running they will see something like #N/A for all the values
    2) Give the end users direct access to Palo, and they can therefore type directly into DATAC forumulas and the values will be put into the database..
    Palo is a database and is therefore multiuser, if your woried about users browsing or entering data into parts of a cube where they shouldn't then you might want to wait for version 1.1 in which user/group security is planned. Therefore you could create groups such as UKAdmin, UKReader, UKWriter, USAdmin, USReader, USWriteer etc...
    3) Let them access it over the web - see - I know this doesn't have the write back button enabled - but if you view the HTML you can the line
    <input id="submit_button" type="button" value="Save input" onclick="write_data();" style="visibility:hidden;">
    Therefore a javascript function has been written which will submit the form for writeback however it's hidden on the sample. I assume this has been done since this is publically available and the developers didn't want every Tom, Dick and Harry messing up the sample.

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    As you have found you cannot paste into a cell with a formula. The safest way to have users to enter data is to have them enter the data into cells that do not have formulae. Then use PALO.SETDATA in other cells to 'send' the values to the cube.

    As for the PHP example - I have done some experimentation and the page does allow you to write back to the cube - you have to 'drill' to the lowest level cells then these cells turn yellow and the Submit Button also appears so that you can send the data to the cube. When you do this, you can see that it works in the consolidation. This is a great interface and I am really looking forward to the release of the php interface. How fantastic is this? To have an open source MOLAP server that can be used over the net!!

    Multidimensional Model Builder
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    Thanks very much for your reply and the sample workbook! Providing a 'data entry' sheet should work nicely; whilst also allowing the users to do some ad-hoc analysis.

    The Check-box is a nice touch too, as I'm not much of an excel expert and being able to have a working example of a 'submit' action is very handy.

    Also, thanks for the link to the PHP demo - very exciting stuff. It's quite refreshing to see an open-source approach to finance software.

    OLAPModels, the PHP interface is pretty exciting stuff! This is the first example I've seen of open source being a "real" alternative to commercial offerings in the finance area. Great work Palo!

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    Typical me, I was too lazy to navigate to the leaf level elements :rolleyes:
    When I looked at the HTML I couldn't see any javascript for enabling the button and therefore assumed it was disabled, I should I have realised it was being set when the page was served.
    I think the PHP has a lot of potential, particularly if AJAX was used for drill-up and drill down. At present the page is refreshed each time, which is rather inefficient, since you could simply insert the new selection into the existing page rather than refreshing the entire page.

    Kel Just wondered if you realised that if you type directly over a palo.datac formula and the data will be submitted to the database.
    You can alos write to consolidated elements by using a splash in palo terminology. In version 1c the splash gets the value you want to write to the consolidate element and divides it by the number of base level children and writes that value to the children. You can perform a splash in conjuction with palo.datac by preceeding the number with a pipe symbol. This is basically a weighted splash, I assume that more types of splashes will be available in later releases, such as increase by a percentage etc..
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    Originally posted by Dave
    3) Let them access it over the web - see

    This is a nice demo, by the way.

    I am currently testing TM1Web 9.0. I will post thoughts on what I like and don't like, for reference.

    The "Populate rows with:", and "Populate columns with:" approach to specifying the view is such a nice, clean, simple approach. Of course, it limits stacking multiple dimensions along one axis, but that isn't needed very often in my experience.