.net 1.1 Api?

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  • .net 1.1 Api?

    Hi all,

    I'm just getting started integrating Palo into an app I built for another OLAP engine.

    The app has been written in .NET 1.1, and unfortunately the API is compiled as a .NET 2.0 dll.

    Does anyone know if there's a 1.1 version of the .NET API? Any other suggestions for a first-timer working with PALO from .NET?

    Much obliged to any responders.
  • I'm having some trouble tracking down all the dependencies the Jedox.Palo.Comm project has.

    I've created a VS.NET 2003 solution that includes the libpalo2 project and Jedox.Palo.Comm. I also downloaded the boost cpp libraries and copied the required files into the project folder.

    Now I'm dealing with a missing file HttpClient.h, which has such a generic name that I don't know what library it's from.

    If anyone has had any experience trying to compile the API from VS.NET 2003, any pointers would be extremely handy.
  • I managed to successfully build a .NET 1.1 version of the Palo .NET API. Thanks to those who helped in this thread.

    Eventhough this will probably become irrelevant with Palo 2.0's release, I thought I'd detail what I had to do in case anyone else is interested.

    Firstly, I had to install the Boost C++ libraries.

    I then performed the following steps:

    - Created a new solution including the projects Jedox.Palo.Comm and libpalo2.
    - Removed the invalid project reference (libolapclient) in Jedox.Palo.Comm.
    - Added a project reference to libpalo2.
    - Added the Boost directories to the library and header paths in both projects.
    - Updated the library and header paths of Jedox.Palo.Comm to reference libpalo2 instead of libpalo.
    - Removed the post build events from both projects.
    - Removed both HttpClient.h and HttpClient.cpp from the Jedox.Palo.Comm project.

    After that, it built okay and I'm set to go. I just got my first list of databases in my client app, so I'm pretty happy.

    Thanks again.