incremental measures?

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  • incremental measures?


    Is there any way of increasing the value of a measure during import, instead of just "setting" it?

    I'd like to be able to look at an existing measure ('balance' in my case) and increase/descrease it by the value of the current data being imported, i..e:

    Existing data balance: 100

    Data line 1: 10.00 Want balance to be increased to 110.00
    Data line 2: -8.00 Want balance to be decreated to 102.00

    I've tried using PALO.SETDATA(<import value> + PALO.DATA(...)), but this doesn't seem to yeild the correct result, I assume because I can't gaurantee which order the functions are executed in Excel?

    I'd like to do this in excel via functions, but if anyone has an example of how this can be done in VBA, i'd use that too!

  • RE: incremental measures?

    Follow-up: whoops! I had automatic calculation and screen-updating in effect, which I think was causing my function to run twice, thus doubling up my numbers.

    Having a little bit of VB automatically & temporarly set this to manual helped resolve the problem.