Database corruption issues

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  • Database corruption issues


    I have encountered several instances of strange operation of Palo.
    In the end it is all related to database corruption.

    Palo cannot splash on some cells
    palostyles appear when doing paste view

    I found it after going through the log files in C:\Program Files\Jedox\Palo\Log.

    I created 10,000 elements in a dimension and did a paste view.
    Palo took a long time and I decided to stop it.
    I halted it through the task manager.
    I did not realize that it would not save the database so when I started up again it was corrupted.

    I had to redo the dimensions again.

    How do I implement a live system with full backup and database integrity checks?

    Is there a database integrity check?

    Is there a way to command the Palo server to commit database in memory to disk regularly?

    When I use the Palo server on a dedicated server, how do I force a save database on it?

    When users use it on a regular basis, I need to backup and not have a corrupted database.
    If that happens, I need to know how to recover from the error.

    I browsed the Forum and found many article under "database corrupt".
    However, these issues has not been addressed.

    I think it is important for such tools to be available for Palo to be used enterprise wide.

    I am glad to report that we are committed to use Palo in the enterprise on top of SQL Analysis Services.