Fun with Rules

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    • Fun with Rules

      Hello all,

      This is a repeat of another thread but issue has been scaled down and all relevant reference objects attached (spreadsheet and database).

      One database, one cube (Sales), three dimensions (Year, Month, Revenue Measures).

      Revenue Measures are Sales, MA1, MA2, MA3, Sales Override. (The MA stands for Margin Adjustment).

      See the Rule Editor in the database for the exact rules governing the measures. Here is the issue:

      1. Sales: If there is an X in the Sales Override field, open the field for input (i.e. use stet() ), else make Sales = last years sales * 1.15.

      2. MA1 is calculated from Sales. And this is does properly in either case of above. So here we have one measure being calculated effectively based on the calculation of another member. Good Deal.

      3. MA2 first tries to evaluate the value of Sales. It does this fine as long as the value of Sales is not overridden. If it is, it returns #Null.

      4. MA3 is calculated from entered values of MA3 from the previous year. These are entered values and they are evaluated properly.

      So the issue appears to be that Palo cannot evaluate a value entered by using stet() in a rule.

      Will this be fixed in version 2.1?


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