Cyrillic Characters & PALO.EADD problem

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  • Cyrillic Characters & PALO.EADD problem

    Dear developers,

    Really thank you for your labor, since you have created a very promising product.
    If you are interested, I could translate the interface of the program into
    Russian to promote its popularity in CIS...

    While testing the software on actual task (which was originally done a year ago by using TM1), I encountered one peculiar problem, so I'm asking for assistance.

    I used palo.eadd function to upload ~10 000 elements to dimension (Sales Agreement #)
    Some agreement numbers contain, except for numeric values, some Cyrillic letters.

    After data import, I got elements names in the dimension distorted due to wrong character coding.
    However, when I add elements manually into Modeller interface, PALO recognizes
    Russian characters correctly.

    Could you please tell me, how to make it right?

    Best wishes!


    Kiev, Ukraine
  • RE: Cyrillic Characters & PALO.EADD problem


    sorry we have no clue what really happened in your case. Would you mind sending your data (the import file & Excel sheet to We would like to dig into this.

    And we would of course appreciate if you could actually translate the screen texts into Russian! If so, please let us know your email address, we will then prepare the language resource file and send it to you.

    Palo QA