No documentation ?

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  • RE: No documentation ?

    This is available in the evaluation guide in the download section

    Building a cube is simple, create your dimensions first, then add them to a cube.

    Your choose of dimensions will depend upon what your modelling. In a finance model you will probably want to have a version dimension with elements such as actual, budget1, budget2, forecast1, forecast2.

    Building dimensions is something which takes a bit of thought and practise. There are books available on things such as…_dp_1/026-9209125-1682809
    however you will find this concentrates more on relational databases and things such as surrogate keys. With a system like palo will probably won't load the keys in anycase and will probably build the dimension the name instead.
  • I think that a wiki is an ideal medium for documentation, this way we could assist in updating and making changes due to versions / features, correecting errors etc..

    I like mediawiki which is used on wikipedia, its uses php and mysql and is skinable, and has several extensions such as RSS so users could maybe suscribe to feeds and learn when the wiki has been updated.

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