Excel Client - Http Protocol

    Excel Client - Http Protocol


    Does anybody know if the Palo Excel Client can be configured to connect to the Palo Server using the http protocol.

    If the server is on a remote network and VPN is NOT allowed, then for these people http connectivity is the only option.

    There are other olap excel clients/products that have this kind of functionality.


    RE: Excel Client - Http Protocol

    Since Palo 1.5 (I think, but definitely in 2.0) the communication is HTTP, only on a different Port. If you set it to 80, that works too. Already tried it, although I put an Apache on Port 80 and redirected some directories to local port of Palo.
    This protects the Palo Server and allows you to put arbitrary content (up to PHP apps locally working on the Palo Server) on the Web Site.