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    • Palo.eweight

      I need to change the weight of an element when it's consolidated at a higher level:

      Global consolidate element
      child A
      child B
      child C
      little child CA
      little child CB
      little child CC

      Trying to be clear enough, I want that when I display child C, it's displayed all the little children. But if I want to display the Global consolidate element. The little child CB must be apart the sum.

      I thought to this kind of rule:
      ['Global consolidate element']=c: (PALO.EWEIGHT("database","Cube",!'dimension',"little child CB";)=0)

      but the final "=0" isn't good

      Many thanks for any help (even big X( )

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    • Hi,

      It is not possible to dynamically change the weight of an element in an hierrachy.
      What you could do is define the tree like this:

      Element: Weight:
      Global consolidate element
      --child A 1
      --child B 1
      --child C 1
      -----little child CA 1
      -----little child CB 1
      -----little child CC 1
      --little child CB -1

      In this case when you select child C it will contain the sum of little child CA, little child CB and little child CC.
      When you select the Global consolidate element however, it will contain the sum of child A, child B and child C minus little child CB. So the value for little child CB is eliminated from the total.


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    • Thanks Michel,

      It's a great solution

      but actually it's impossible to create two elements (thx Michel) with the same name.
      So I think that I will create a new dimension call:
      little child CB pounded

      to link little child CB and little child pounded, I will create a rule
      ['little child CB pounded']=['little child CB']

      It works....Many thanks Michel


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    • Hi Johann,

      I'm not quite sure what you mean with 2 dimensions.
      For all certainty: it is possible to have the same element occur in more than 1 place in the hierarchy, with different weights in the different consolidations. So it should be no problem to create the example dimension - see attached picture: dimension definition on the left, resulting hierarchy on the right side.


      • elim_example.jpg

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