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  • saadixxxx -

    bonjour je viens de découvrir ce site web il est vraiment riche en contenu, si vous avez besoin des informations sur iptv contactez nous.

  • jmuenzer -


    i have different databases for each costumor. Right now its still possible to chose the the database"1" from costumor"2".

    The reports cant be seen but the other databases can.

    How can i disable the Navigation? If thats not possible where do have to asign the rights or district them.

    Im a student and just started with jedox :) .

    Sincerly Julius Münzer

  • marco6 -

    Hello, I would like to ask for your help to know what is the functionality of the "protected" configuration in the cube rules editor, Please

  • linda000`9 -

    you can find the license on I think it's work great to help you properly.

  • gpsnitie -

    Hi need to know where I can get Jedox Base license? Request you to help