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  • garcia.jesus -

    Export web report as PDF with widgets

    Please support in order to know why in export PDF or HTML my widget did not appear.

    Thank in advance

  • alfa tv -

    looking for iptv services visit :

  • Wim Gielis -

    Hello, I am a new member on this forum. How can I create a new thread ? Thanks !

  • Zarcoff -

    Hello ! How can I post something on this forum ?

  • emilabd -


    I am trying to somehow set a cell as a trigger for my macro. In A1 I have randbetween(10,100) and in macro following statements:

    function __auto() {
    $varvalue = activesheet()->range('A1');
    if ($varvalue->value > '9') {



    when SetCalc is set, palo.dataif function writes values into the defined cells in dynaranges. The problem is I need manually create a button and assign my macro to it and everytime click on it, which i do not vant. I cant in every change for A1 it should do it automatically. Is there any way for theat? Thanks in advance.

  • mehdi -

    hi ,
    please can you help me ?
    how can i execute a job from another project in jedox grovy

  • mirza_rehan -


    I am new to jedox. I need some help in jedox integrator.
    I create a variable in Integrator and I want to change it's value at runtime i.e. in groovy job.

    Can you please help in in this matter?

    Rehan Mirza

  • tiagozilz -

    Hi Laloune, I need to display all the cells that are locked.
    Do you know if you have any way of presenting to the user?

  • gpsnitie -

    Hi need to know where I can get Jedox Base license? Request you to help