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  • Zarcoff -

    Hello ! Can I have access to the the forum correctly ? Because I can't even post something or reply to someone...

  • Zarcoff -

    Can I get access so that I can post questions on the forum.



  • mikesail -

    Can I get access so that I can post questions on the forum.



  • ankijha -


  • Rodrigo -

    Hi my name is Rodrigo I have a question about php code I am developing a php file when this file connect to ftp connection however this file is located in /pr/uploadfile.php but doesn´t work.

  • gpsnitie -

    Hi need to know where I can get Jedox Base license? Request you to help

  • carooodweck -

    hello how are you doing in your country am carrol by name plz contact me (dweckcaroolcarool@yahoo.com)

  • ba1504 -

    Hallo, ich schreibe mal auf deutsch - wie erstelle ich einen neuen Thread im Forum ? Ich bin komplett neu hier und finde die Möglichkeit einfach nicht ... Vielen Dank Bernd Andresen

  • wludman -

    We use Palo to mine an SQL database in Sage Accpac 500 ERP V5.6a accounting software. The Excel sheet returns data for 2015 and prior years just fine. However, under the 2016 column, it returns a #Value error in each Excel cell. When I right click on the cell, the Palo Error indicates an Invalid Coordinate. I’m new to Palo (first day working with it). Can you please advise as to what is required to fix the problem and resolve the #Value errors. Also, is there Palo user document (pdf preferred) that I can obtain to facilitate learning Palo? Can you please advise as to how I can add a new thread or perhaps point me toward a guide for new Jedox User Forum participants. Thanks, Wayne Ludman.